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I am a current graphic design student pursuing BFA in Graphic Design at RISD. I came from Shanghai, China and now based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

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Monopoly x
Hasbro x AHA

Game & Identity Design for Monopoly x Hasbro x AHA

This project is a collaboration with American Heart Association that designed to be implemented at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Rhode Island. Recognizing the hospital’s connection to Hasbro, the creator of Monopoly, we devised a unique concept: Heart Health Monopoly. This initiative combined the timeless appeal of the classic board game with essential heart health education. Through custom-designed game boards, cards, and playing pieces, we engaged patients, families, and staff in interactive sessions aimed at promoting physical activity, nutritious eating habits, and regular check-ups.

Our project offers both a portable 2D version for takeaway and an immersive 3D installation designed for placement within Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The portable 2D version provides accessibility for education beyond the hospital walls, while the 3D installation offers an interactive and engaging experience directly within the hospital environment. This dual approach ensures fl exibility in reaching and educating children about heart health, whether they are within the hospital or engaging with the material elsewhere.

In our endeavor to create an immersive and engaging experience, our project envisioned the installation of a 3D interactive game featuring game pieces crafted from soft, kid-safe materials. This innovative approach ensured a tactile and safe environment for children to interact with the game. Utilizing advanced 3D rendering techniques, we meticulously crafted virtual representations of these soft game pieces to emulate the feeling of handling real-life objects. This attention to detail not only enhanced the authenticity of the gaming experience but also prioritized the safety and comfort of the young participants. Through the seamless integration of tactile elements and lifelike rendering, our project aimed to deliver an unforgettable and enriching educational experience at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.


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