Ge Yan / Kaku

I am a current graphic design student pursuing BFA in Graphic Design at RISD. I came from Shanghai, China and now based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

Brand Identity 品牌设计
Package Design 包装设计
Photography 摄影
Poster 海报
Publication 书籍 / 出版设计
Other 其他

Resume 简历
Portfolio 作品集


Eng / 简

Wechat / 微信:kakuo3o


Geometric Space Calendar

A flip calender book

The Geometric Space Calendar explores the spacial feeling of architecture on paper. When flipped, the triangular pages create a mesmerizing and fluid motion that mimics the movement of geometric shapes in space. 

Hard Cover Accordian

Type II with Franz Werner
RISD 2022


Publication / Book Design