Ge Yan / Kaku

I am a current graphic design student pursuing BFA in Graphic Design at RISD. I came from Shanghai, China and now based in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. I am a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

Brand Identity 品牌设计
Package Design 包装设计
Photography 摄影
Poster 海报
Publication 书籍 / 出版设计
Other 其他

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Explore the World of 1984

A book project with George Orwell

The book project  for “1984” by George Orwell is designed in a minimalist style.It features a powerful analogue photograph that blurs the image, creating a dizzying effect that perfectly captures the oppressive and disorienting atmosphere of the dystopian world Orwell portrays in his novel. The bold typography is easy to read and commands attention, while the overall design effectively evokes the book’s themes of government control, surveillance, and the struggle for individual freedom in a abstract way.

Photography and Illustrator

Type II with Franz Werner
RISD 2022


Publication / Book Design & Poster